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Speech-Language Services


Initial Consultation – Free

Please schedule an initial consultation to learn more about what we do and tell us about yourself or your child to see if we are a good fit for your needs.


Speech Language Screening – $ 30.00

Screenings quickly assess your child’s speech and language abilities to identify the need for a full speech language evaluation. If screening indicates any delay/differences in your child’s speech or language development, further evaluation will be recommended. 


Speech Language Evaluation – $ 200.00

Evaluations cover areas of concern such as speech production, language, social interaction, literacy, and problem solving. Session length varies but typically takes around 90-120 minutes and may be broken into 2 sessions. Evaluations typically involve an intake with parents, testing, observation, and dynamic assessment.


Speech Language Therapy Session – $ 80.00

Therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes in length but vary according to the needs of the client and family. They are usually held once to twice a week to address speech language goals and to coach caregivers on how to implement strategies at home.
Shorter session options may be available depending on client’s needs.


Caregiver Training Session – COntact Us for Rates & Options

Caregiver training can be for family members, care providers, professionals, and/or school personnel who wish to expand on their ability to support a differently wired loved one and/or gain more knowledge on a particular topic.




An autism screening is used to identify autistic traits. If you suspect that you or your child is autistic, an autism screening can help you decide whether or not a diagnostic evaluation for autism is worth pursuing.


ADOS™-2 TESTING – $ 550.00

This service provides testing with the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, second edition (ADOS™-2) which is the latest version of this test. This test is considered the “gold standard” assessment tool for evaluating autism. This service will not yield a diagnosis. This is appropriate when a child already has an autism diagnosis and needs ADOS testing.  Service includes ADOS™-2 Testing and evaluation report only, and is provided by an ADOS™-2 trained provider.


Diagnostic Evaluation for Autism / PDA – RATES VARY

This evaluation is for toddlers to adults (including late diagnosed adults). As a result of this evaluation, an autism diagnosis will be given, if appropriate. If criteria for autism are met and PDA is evidenced, that individual will receive a “diagnosis of autism with a profile of pathological demand avoidance”.

This evaluation can lead to a diagnosis, which can help foster understanding and support for your child. For autistic adults, diagnostic evaluation often provides you with a sense of relief and a better understanding of yourself, including your strengths and challenges; it can provide direction, and can help make sense of difficulties you have faced in your life. 

Our provider (Dr. Jennifer Corie, PhD, CCC-SLP) is neurodivergent herself, has neurodivergent children, and specializes in autism. She is trained, experienced, and qualified to perform these diagnostics services. She has worked with individuals with typical and atypical presentations of autism.

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Diagnostic Eval for Autism / PDA

Superbill provided upon request. Submit to your insurance company to request reimbursement.