Support Group for Late-Diagnosed Autistic Adults


Monthly video chats for autistic adults are facilitated by Iceberg Therapy Service’s neurodivergent provider–Jennifer Corie, PhD, CCC-SLP. 

Topics are open to all things neurodivergence according to participant preference. Examples include masking/unmasking, burnout management, sensory challenges and accommodations, social challenges, diagnosis pros/cons, and disclosure. 

Participation can involve actively joining the discussion or simply observing (with video cameras on or off). 


Late-diagnosed or self-identified autistic adults (ages 18 and up) are welcome to participate.


This is a place for sharing resources/strategies, finding support, and building connections!


Group meets the 3rd Friday of every month, from approximately 12:00-1:15 PM Central Time.


Group meets via secure video Zoom chat. Email [email protected] to request an invite link for participation.

How Much?

There is no cost to you for participation. If you feel inclined, you can “buy me a coffee” to make a donation to support this group.

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