What Happens Next? 

Frequently Asked Questions:


When Will You Contact me?

Due to our high volume of incoming contacts, we typically will reach out to you within one week. However, if you have urgent, time-sensitive need, you may call us at (225) 217-5577.


How Long Will I Wait for My Appointment?

The current wait for a quick screening appointment is approximately 2 weeks. The wait to begin full diagnostic evaluation is approximately 3 months at this time and is subject to change. Please contact us to find out the earliest available appointments. Most clients have 3 evaluation sessions and typically schedule their 3 sessions 1 to 2 weeks apart.


Which States Are You Licensed to Practice in?

Jennifer Corie, PhD, CCC-SLP is licensed to practice in Louisiana and tele-practice (virtual only) licensed in Florida. Due to the ever-shifting state license requirements prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, some states will allow tele-therapy to be performed by out-of-state license holders. We will work with you to discover the best options if you live outside our direct licensed area, and if necessary, help you find a local provider.


What Can I Do While Waiting for My Autism Evaluation to Start?

If you’d like to do so, it can make the evaluation process easier if you prepare a list or document containing autistic traits that you have read about and can relate to, and examples from your life such as a memory of a social situation that was challenging for you. This is not mandatory.


What Materials & Documents Do I need?

Any prior reports from schools or medical professionals, any test results (formal or online tests), and related documents may be useful during the intake process. Ideally, you should have them in a digital format (PDF, Image, or document file) for easy uploading. 


How Do I Pay You?

All services must be paid for at the time of service. We are private pay only and do not accept insurance or Medicaid. We accept debit and credit cards (including HSA). Contact us to discuss other payment options. Good Faith Estimates (GFE) are provided.


Disclaimer: Jennifer Corie, PhD, CCC-SLP is qualified to assess for autism, but you must confirm whether relevant organizations accept the assessment as a formal diagnosis. Contact us for further clarification.